SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento mother is accused of leaving her two young children home alone to go gambling.

linh hoang Sacramento Mother Accused Of Leaving Toddlers To Gamble

Linh Hoang

Chu-moo Jurado was on her way to pick up her own children from school when she stopped behind a car that was trying not to hit the two toddlers about to cross a busy street — alone.

“It was so scary,” Jurado said. “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ My adrenaline was high. I was like, ‘What to do? What to do?'”

What she did was start a frantic search for the parents of the brothers, ages 2 and 3. They were described as hungry, in dirty diapers, clothes soaking wet.

Police say the boys’ mother, Linh Hoang, 46, left her toddlers alone for hours to go gambling at Thunder Valley Casino.

Hoang was at her home in the 4100 block of Windsong St. in Natomas on Friday and answered the door for CBS13.

She claims she left her kids with her sister, but police say when they asked the relative she said it wasn’t true.

“Um, she go to my mom house,” Hoang said when asked where her sister was when the kids got out of the house.

Jurado says she found the toddlers next to their home with the door wide open. Inside she said cereal and milk were all over the floor and the water was running. She says the mother didn’t return home until three hours after the call to 911.
“They’re so cute,” she said of the boys. “I feel bad for them. Hopefully everything goes all right with them.”
The children are now in the custody of Child Protective Services and their mother is charged with child endangerment.

Comments (9)
  1. Whitey says:

    Wonderful. You’re about to be hung, Hoang. Hope your immigration paperwork is up to date.

  2. Ginna says:

    Reminds me of the couple that left their baby in their car at the parking structure of Red Hawk when it first opened and they thought they’d been in the casino for just a half hour but they’d really been there for 6 or so hours. Also Asian. I merely wish parents in general would take into consideration the fact that they’re parents. They have a responsibility to make sure their kids are okay. If it means leaving the kids by themselves so the parents can go have fun time, they need to postpone having fun time til they have a solid babysitter. I imagine this isn’t the first time this woman has left her kids home alone to go gambling. It’s just the first time she got caught.

    1. jerseybadger07503 says:

      maybe the casinos should provide baby sitters and put a limit on the time that parents can stay if they are using the baby sitter,a few hours but no longer

      1. joey says:

        good sugestion

  3. The Blogger says:

    First I want to thank “Chu – Moo” Jurado for getting involved. God Bless you!

    What a lot of people don’t realize is a few Mom’s do stuff like this. They put their kids to bed & then go out for a late night drink, gamble or whatever.

    They just don’t get caught. If nothing happens, who is gonna know?

    In closing, yes they have a great buffet, slots & 3 card Pai Gow Poker, but why risk your Children’s lives to go out to Thunder Valley?

  4. redneckresearcher says:

    jersybadger is right the casinos should have child care for kids but the Calif. casinos are to greedy, you don’t get ANY perks worth a darn in any of them, just gamble all your dough and get out do not come again until your next pay day. If ya have the $ to gamble then ya should be able to get a baby sitter. This happens everyday in Calif. Nevada casinos at least appreciated your business and had genuine perks.

  5. Nova Felch Mastrogiovanni says:

    Better yet how about if parents with small children and no babysitter STAY HOME!!!!!!I would bet most people in the casinos don’t really have the money to be gambling anyway – ever notice how crowded they are the first week of the month. If you are going to have a child, take some responsibility and care for it FIRST!!!!!!

  6. jbgreetings says:

    casino are bad activity of our children . They are play the game and goes to day by day that’s the reason casino are the unusable of our life

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