FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A man was murdered in his Fairfield home 10 years ago and investigators have worked ever since to crack this cold case. Only on CBS13, Laura Cole spoke to the family to hear what they think happened.

“He was just a wonderful husband,” said the victim’s wife, Martha.

Ralph Moore put his family first. His wife of 53 years, Martha, has no complaints. Neither does his daughter Terry.

“And he was just so loving and caring and yet happy-go-lucky at the same time,” said Terry.

And that’s why that day in February of 2002 is never far from their minds.

“And it’s a vision I will never, never forget. I mean it will never leave me,” said Martha.

Martha came home from work that day and found her husband badly beaten and lying on the floor.

“I just feel that he came home and interrupted a burglary in progress and they took him by surprise, I think,” said Martha.

Ralph never regained consciousness. He died at the hospital eight days later.

Each day the family waited for a break in the case, and they’re still waiting.

It’s clear that investigators are still actively pursuing leads in this case. A billboard on Penns Ave. and Highway 12 reminds people that Ralph’s murder remains a mystery.

“Sixty-thousand dollars, that’s a lot of money,” said.

And now 10 years later, they’re hoping that reward and this story brings new leads for detectives.

“We are his voice and we need to be his voice because he can’t speak for himself, so we will do that,” said.

Now they just need someone to speak up and lead detectives to Ralph’s killer and bring justice for his family.

“To the people responsible, please come forward and help yourself,” said.

The family does have a facebook page set up for Ralph. It’s called “Justice for Ralph C. Moore.” They ask people to like the page.

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  1. could be anyone says:

    Fairfield is a lowlife slum now that has slowly moved from Richmond and San pablo into the northbay and now Vallejo is like Oakland and Fairfield and Vacaville now look like the ghettos in the bay area. Next decade look for the slums to keep moving towards Sacramento

    1. birddogchief says:

      Sacramento is already full of slum areas. Arden – Arcade, Del Paso, South Sac….

      1. Chien says:

        Hi Mark, going to see a more expensive horse rotormow and the summer sched looks fearsome! I am sad to lose the old Dart but I think we took it as far as we could really, and apart from pleasant sunny day jaunts I don’t think we had anything else to achieve realistically with time available. I’ll trot over and put a sign on her and try and get a grand! How does that sound? Otherwise all well here. What is your asia route?? any idea of return date / plans?? Good luck with the spices and Diarrhoea!

  2. Terry Wallar says:

    Thank you Laura Cole. Hopefully someone will see this and come forward with information to help solve my fathers case

  3. Joel says:

    Hi Terry,
    I am trying to find the facebook page but can’t. Can you provide a link?

      1. muhamad says:

        kate – The pictures speak what a hstuoand words could not say one of the most beautiful weddings ever, perfect in every way!(Move over Audrey Hepburn!)

  4. Marci says:

    I hope for the family’s sake that the individual(s) responsible are brought to justice.

  5. James says:

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  6. Tamiris says:

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