SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento Area business groups are getting behind the effort to build a new entertainment and sports complex.

A coalition of local business and labor leaders urged the Sacramento City Council to vote yes on Tuesday night to move forward with a new arena plan that would keep the Sacramento Kings in town.

The coalition of people from the Sacramento Metro Chamber, Downtown Sacramento Partnership, Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau, Region Builders, Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber, MetroEDGE, North State Building Industry Association, Sac-Sierra Building and Construction Trades Council, and Sacramento Police Officers Association issued the following joint statement today:

“Tuesday could be a turning point for our region if Sacramento City Council votes yes to lead Sacramento forward and allow the entertainment and sports complex process to continue.

Sacramento has suffered from the recession. Our unemployment rate remains higher than the national average. Local government is struggling to maintain services levels for police, fire, education, and other programs as general fund revenues continue to decline.

The entertainment and sports complex is one of the most significant projects in our region in decades. It presents the opportunity to breathe life into our stagnant economy by creating jobs and an opportunity to generate new revenue sources. It would also help jumpstart development of the 240-acre railyard, the largest infill development site in the country. With redevelopment dollars no longer available, there will be few catalysts for investment in our region on this scale. A new economic driver would generate much needed revenue for the general fund to invest back into the community, which means more funding for police, fire, education and other services.

With a yes vote, council members will position the city to continue exploring our options. A yes vote is simply a step forward in the process, not the final say. It allows the City to continue due diligence, conduct community outreach, and bring a complete proposal to a vote in June.

If we are serious about turning around the economy, we cannot close the door to opportunity. With so many questions still to be answered and so much potential for gain, this project deserves sufficient time for public review and debate. We are looking to our elected officials to lead us forward and to do what is right for our community’s future by saying yes. As this process moves forward, the city should leverage the expertise of the local business and labor leaders to create the best possible deal for our community.”

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership has also put up a website allowing Sacramento residents to sign a virtual petition to their city council member urging them to vote yes on the entertainment and sports complex. You can sign the petition by visiting their website at .

Comments (7)
  1. Sacramento Citizen says:

    Don’t want public resources to go towards a downtown arena? sign this

  2. JT says:

    Our current economy is exactly why DSP has been advocating for a new Entertainment & Sports Complex. It is bigger than basketball or the Kings, its important for the Sacramento economy. The very reason we need to make investments like these as a city is to support our general fund and keep it healthy enough to sustain and grow things like public safety and education in the future. When our residents are unemployed and underemployed, the city budget is profoundly effected by both their lack of spending in local businesses as they tighten their personal budget, and loss of tax revenue that goes directly to support our public services like public safety, infrastructure, and education.
    Additionally, the investment in our local economy also keeps our residents entertainment dollars in our city/region. Spending our entertainment dollars in the Bay Area and Tahoe funds THEIR general funds, rather than our own.
    These are the very reasons Sacramento Police support the arena effort. Without it, not only are we not able to create more jobs and help drive revenue into our economy, but we lose all of the 733 full and part-time jobs currently employed at the arena and the tax revenue it generates for our region.

  3. WhosNext says:

    yes. lets have a economically depleted society pay 300 million dollars on an arena. Because the citizens are in such a great shape to pay for that. lets not kid ourselves. Who really benefits to these fancy arenas. Sure the people get to watch great basketball and concerts. But the Owners and City benefit the most from it all. IMO the Ownership and City should fund the arena 100 percent.

  4. Elus Trismegistus says:

    While area schools are closing down, while social disparities are growing wider and wider, while officers are being laid off and homes foreclose around us, we as a society choose to turn a cheek and turn on sports and tune out the aforementioned sacrificing the city of Sacramento’s integrity and financial security.

    If Kevin Johnson put in the same amount of effort (as he did to procure the arena) to help relieve local schools, local social diparities, officers being laid off, home foreclosures and the financial security of the city we would be better off in the long run. If Kevin Johnson really did care he would rally for those morally justified causes and somewhat save his already degrading integrity. The degradation of integrity applies to all the members of the city council too should they follow his lead. Be forewarned, voting for this arena will be a very black mark on one’s career in the end.

    In regards to leasing the parking lots to fund this black hole project, there truly has not been a full exploratory effort into how this will effect local residents. There are no price caps in regards to how fast parking fees will rise, further increasing financial stress on residents.

    There has not been any full disclosure in regards to the environmental cleanup of the railyards, the first several feet of the soil must be removed in order to get rid of the toxic waste in the soil it may push this project millions of dollars beyond the publicly disclosed costs.

    Furthermore, Sacramento PD doesn’t have enough officers to handle the increase of people that will come with the games and other events. There has not been any current information that demonstrates that the Sacramento PD can handle such a task. Therefore, during that time, crime will be easier commit. This doubt about the Sacramento PD being able to handle such a large crowd, should be addressed.

    I for one am not willing to risk security for pleasure – namely basketball. Not in these times, not now.

    Kevin Johnson and his administration’s risky behavior will put the public and it’s money at risk and the public will pay with Sacramento’s integrity and finances waning into a black hole project because of a serious lack of exploratory foresight in regards to the future. Safety, integrity and the citizens of Sacramento are at risk, this arena cannot pass. Sacramento, the seat of the capitol of California – the ninth largest economy on Earth, does not deserve the consequences of this morally reckless and wayward behavior in regards to the future of the city of Sacramento.

    As I have mentioned before, why has Kevin Johnson and his administration NOT put forth as much effort to save jobs of officers, firement, teachers, homes, and local businesses instead of focusing on pleasure. Instead of focusing on shallow and flimsy pleasures we must focus on subjects with strong substantial and benificial foundations of integrity, real city and community builders and real revenue generators, we must focus on more foundation not shallow empty sports arena business ventures that are unsubstantial in relation to the city. Sacramento has the potential to become the strong pillar supporting the ninth largest economy on Earth and this is not the way. This city and the citizens therein do not deserve to suffer from this horrible decision and it will not benefit in the long run from the results of this arena.

  5. Richard Casey says:

    Sacramento PD can’t possibly handle the large crowds that will be drawn to the arena. Lets not sacrafice safety for sports!!!

  6. Richard Casey says:

    I still can’t believe Kevin Johnson had to leave the confines of the city and state and broker a deal BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Did you see all the champange in that room when the news showed clips of them coming out from behind those closed doors? Was Kevin Johnson and all the parties involved of right mind to make such an important decision?

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