Today, Don begins by emphasizing the importance of courtesy flushing, as he went into the handicapped stall in the men’s room this morning and watched the toilet damn near overflow as a direct result of someone’s failing to flush hours before. In the midst of his toilet rant, Phantom comes to him with breaking news from the Sacramento Bee:

Hack writer Tom Couzens has apologized for making those obscene phone calls to the show two weeks ago! He doesn’t specifically apologize to Don, but he does a half-assed apology to Craig (who he refers to as “the screener”). Even though he was quoted in the Sacramento News & Review as saying that Don made the whole thing up, he has come out today with a confession, conveniently buried beneath the biggest story of the day: The Sacramento City Council passed the arena bill last night, which means a new arena will be opened in 2015, and the Sacramento Kings will be staying in Sacramento for 30 years!!! Dave gives his recap of the meeting, his reaction to this momentous occasion, the weirdos that came out to speak against the bill, and all the emotion that he felt last night.

The guys play numerous clips of the City Council meeting, including the actual vote, in which Mayor Kevin Johnson yells “yyeesss!!” The guys find the KJ drop hilarious, and begin playing it with other soundbytes from Don’s replay machines. Don then tells us about extreme Bible-thumper Pat Robertson’s insane comments that people in the midwest didn’t pray enough to keep the tornadoes away, and we also hear about an alleged internet pic of Demarcus Cousin’s junk. We then get a visit from Andrew Llinares, Executive Producer of “The X Factor.”Andrew tells us how he got picked by Simon Cowell to be the Executive Producer, the upcoming season, including the auditions in San Francisco, and the possibility of certain celebrity coaches coming on the show.

After the interview, Don pulls out the “50 Worst ‘Special’ TV moments of all time,” including awkward moments from sitcoms such as “Saved By The Bell,” “Mr. Belvedere,” and “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” The guys also get into a discussion about Peyton Manning being released by the Indianapolis Colts today. We hear clips from today’s press conference, and the guys debate whether or not the Colts did the right thing to let Peyton go. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.”

Today, Phantom talks about the “Super Tuesday” results, L Magazine has a nude and pregnant Jessica Simpson on this month’s cover, and Snooki confirms she’s pregnant as well. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

Comments (2)
  1. Megan says:

    The way Don is handing this stuff with Tom Couzens is really disappointing. Don says Tom is nothing to him but he spends a good portion of the show insulting him and calling him names. He notes that Tom is blaming his antics on him by claiming that Don has been out to get him, but then blames his own bad behavior on Tom with the kindergarten favorite ‘You started it!’ Is there a grown up anywhere in this situation?

  2. Caris says:

    Yes, it appears that there *is* a grown-up in this situation, and it is most certainly not the obscene f-bombardier who has continually strafed Don Geronimo with false accusations and e-mail/ phone antics too puerile for any self-respecting toddler. It appears Tom Couzens is languishing somewhere along the infantile/senile spectrum, and yes, he clearly was the instigator.

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