Don begins today’s show by calling in Ron from promotions to discuss the birth of his new son- more specifically, his race orientation, as the baby appears a little light-skinned. Ron tells us that his baby is 1/2 Black, 1/4 White, and 1/4 Guatemalan, and that he has to be in the sun before the pigment in his skin gets “activated.” We then find out that the Tom Couzens fiasco is making press everywhere, including, and Don reads their story. The new ratings are in, and among men 25-54, we have a 9.6, which is #1!!!! Don thanks all of the loyal listeners for their continued support, and then reminds all the listeners to come out to the Boxing Donkey in Roseville on Friday, March 16th for the big St. Patricks Day party, where we will be broadcasting live! Don then sends Craig and Ron out to find Homeless Henry, who Craig and Danny picked up last week, and Don had in the studio.

When we return from the break, Craig and Ron have spotted Henry at the 7 Eleven a few blocks over, and Craig puts him on the phone so Don can ask him how he’s doing. After Henry tells the guys how he’s holding up, Ron and Craig buy Henry breakfast before returning to the studio. Don also has a new episode of “Kissing Couzens,” which might be the very last one, as it’s uncertain whether Tom Couzens still has his job or not. After a discussion on the difference between hotels and motels, and Phatnom telling us that his 13 year old son loves the “Finger Guy” caller, we finds out that Hulk Hogan was in a sex tape. This leads to talk about a UFC fighter who did a gay porno, and the existence of gay athletes in professional sports. We also hear a clip of a news reporter who fell asleep on the air, and a lottery winner in Michigan who is still receiving government checks.

After talking about Topher Grace’s editing down of the 3 Star Wars prequels, and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s amazing breasts, we hear about a middle school teacher in Oxnard, CA who has been put on leave for being in porn, and Don plays one of her movies. Don then plays the fart he let out yesterday, and Phantom has an idea for a new game, in which the guys pick a button on Don’s machine for him to play after the fart sound.  We then find out that Fishbowl L.A. has released a story about Tom Couzens on their website, and that leds the guys to do the new “Kissing Couzens episode one more time, before going into the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about a Mississippi man who shot a McDonalds manager over a missing Filet-O-Fish, a recent poll that shows women think beards are unattractive, last week’s TV ratings, and a possible “Bill and Ted 3” movie. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

  1. Richard Horgan says:

    Ha ha. Thanks for retweeting & picking up on our FishbowlLA coverage of the Couzens craziness. What a bizarre story.

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