SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One Sacramento woman has launched a new business around taking care of tedious errands for you.

It’s a saying we all know: Time is precious. It’s especially for busy mom of two, Monica McCammon. She thinks it would be great to have someone run her errands.

Meet Heather Barton, the Errand Runner of Sacramento. She’ll drop off your dry cleaning, take your dog to the groomer, drop off mail at the post office and even pull your weeds and organize your spices.

“I always hear people say, ‘I have no time for this no time for that.’ I thought, why not?” said Barton.

At a price of $25 an hour Barton says she get all those mundane tasks and never ending to do lists done!

“Everybody I’ve talked to said, ‘What a great idea,’” said Barton.

Barton says the only thing she can’t do is change the oil in your car, but she will take it to the experts, wait, and bring your car back.

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  1. Anoymous says:

    There was a time, we had friends to help us from day to day. We had neighbors. We helped one another…charging people to help them out is not a brilliant scheme. It is a sign of the collapse of our society and showing UNPAID compassion for one another. Everybody becomes a dollar bill in hard times. Nothing to be proud of.

    1. Thomas Coker says:

      Nothing to be ashamed of either.

    2. Winston Smith says:

      Lets see if I got your point. It should be that “We, ourselves, or our neighbors do EVERYTHING we need done to survive for FREE.”? Do you ever go to the grocery store, send ‘snail mail’ or read by electric lights, etc.? If you do you are denying your very own premise. EVERYTHING in that store (or any other store, restaurant or business of nearly any kind) has been produced, processed, packaged and delivered to the store or us, personally, by SOMEONE (not ourselves or our friends) at a cost that is reflected in the price we pay – not to mention the fact that those products and services are provided by a commercial business and not in our back yard and/or by our own sweat.
      Just look at the Middle ages, the early American Settlers, the Pioneers and such. “Self sufficiency” was the overarching RULE! Yet, even they depended on goods and services from others that they couldn’t, otherwise, produce or perform that they willingly PAID FOR!

      1. Thomas Coker says:

        Should I wait for them wonderful neighbors to help me fix something. I don’t think so, I wouldn’t hold my breath for to long. i have two choices .1) live with the problem and chances are it will never get finished or hire someone to get it fixed. The American way is do I pay just anyone?? Even at best if we do anything it has to be perfect. If it is not done right it will stay that way forever.

      2. Winston Smith says:

        And yes, Anonymous, I often jump in to help my family, friends, neighbors … even a stranger on the street for free! Generally, their smile is sufficient “pay”. If they feel like paying me money (or doing a favor for me) that is good, too!

    3. Roane says:

      Hi Anonymous,

      I always do that to my friends. Its a nice feeling to help without expecting any
      money. God bless

    4. Terri B. says:

      There was a time when women got to stay home and take care of that kind of stuff way back in the mid 20th century,after that women had to start working outside of the home,and some of them just don’t have the time or energy to do all of the things they used to do.Also I would never even think of asking friends or family to do my chores without paying them,that is just rude.

  2. j. doe says:

    anonymous,,,,,how much did you pay to have someone write this?

  3. JMHO says:

    Anonymous, at one time we all grew our own crops, built our own homes, fixed our own cars, did our own repairs…… We — except for the Amish — have developed into a different kind of society. How many people do YOU pay for things people did for themselves years ago? Running errands for people who don’t have time is a great idea for those who need the service — just like any other service. If you don’t need it and/or you have friends who help you out every time you need something, good for you. But to condemn an idea that someone else has come up with and which obviously fills a niche for many is a shame.

  4. Sheila says:

    However, in these changing times it is better to give a person a job than to see them homeless in the streets. Or better yet standing in some welfare line asking for hand outs………don’t you think! Jobs are hard to find and even the President said you need to reinvent yourself. Being an entrepreneur can be very satisflying knowing that you can help yourself or be a excellent role model for your children. Yes, I feel their are people out there who live such a busy life that their time is very valuable. Therefore releiving them of the burden of chores, errands gives them time to spend with their families, friends or just quality relax time. High paying jobs are very demanding of ones time and these things may weigh some one down. Today is very different than the 50’s and 60’s neighbors may socialize but it usually is among themselves and relatives.

    1. JMHO says:

      Well said. In addition, there are many people raising children as single parents and if they’re working full-time their spare time to spend with the children is very limited. I was busy as a working parent WITH a spouse; I can’t imagine how single parents do it. And what about someone who is dealing with medical issues and can’t get out very easily — and doesn’t want to be an ongoing burden on friends and family or whose close family aren’t in the area?

      People are so judgmental. They jump to conclusions as to why someone needs the service in the first place instead of admiring that Heather is sharp enough to fill a real need.

  5. Heather Burton says:

    Sheila, You are absolutly correct!!! Thanks for the comment.

    I am Heather Burton (They spelled my name wrong)

    Contact me at:

  6. nothingchanges says:

    This is a great ! Job innovation and job creation ! American ingenuity is alive and well . Kudos to Miss Heather !

  7. Winston Smith says:

    Keep it up girl! the story goes that Railway Express Agency (REA) was started this way. William Harriden, as I understand, was an office flunky who was given the job of shuttling letters and packages between his company’s offices in distant cities by rail. He figured “If I’m going all over for MY company – maybe other companies need things delivered there, too.” And it was a going enterprise from 1917 till 1971 when the Interstate Highways pushed the railroad to the sidelines.

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