15-Year-Old Killed In Stanislaus County Drive-By Shooting

EMPIRE (CBS13) – A 15-year-old was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting late Sunday night in Stanislaus County.

Stanislaus County deputies were called to the 5200 block of First Street in the town of Empire for reports of a shooting.

When deputies arrived, they found a 15-year-old male dead from gunshot wounds.

Sheriff’s deputies say the suspect vehicle is described as a white four-door 90’s model car with a silver or chrome stripe along its doors.

Two or more suspects were in the car.

Deputies believe the shooting may be gang related.

  • sassafras

    I don’t get it there are alot of cities/towns in Stanislaus county why don’t name the town instead of the county for petes sake, weird.

  • nothingchanges

    With all P.C. B.S. aside………….Its black and white, No gray areas…Facts are facts.

  • nothingchanges

    Stockton,Ca. the numbers don’t lie
    Hispanic – 114,512 (39.8%)
    White alone – 65,588 (22.8%)
    Asian alone – 59,980 (20.9%)
    Black alone – 34,309 (11.9%)
    Two or more races – 10,321 (3.6%)
    American alone – 1,312 (0.5%)
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone – 1,391 (0.5%)
    Other race alone – 171 (0.06%)

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Stockton-California.html#ixzz1ov3d1e2b

  • nothingchanges

    Hispanic – 1,799 (48.4%)
    White alone – 1,580 (42.5%)
    Asian alone – 182 (4.9%)
    Two or more races – 128 (3.4%)
    American alone – 21 (0.6%)
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone – 8 (0.2%)

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/city/Empire-California.html#ixzz1ov6D6bOr

  • The Truth

    At least they are taking each other out.

  • racism exists behind the screen

    Looks like we have a lot of ..what do you call them “haters”, or should i say racist haters. Funny how you people sit behind your computer screens making these racist comments, but in public you would have absolutely nothing to say! Go head if that boosts your ego, makes you feel more of a man, to speak on something so petty. Hahaha whats most upsetting is you like our tacos, like our food, hire us to do all your work (because were not lazy and will definitely work for our money and our families). Not all gangs are Hispanic I swear you white folks belong to many gangs whether it b KKK or bike gangs, and the graffiti cmon now look at all these white rocker kids in skinny jeans and pink shirts with mo hawks running around tagging up everything. And the shootings and stabbings, yea i think we will take that one hahahahaha!

    • gna

      You have to wake up . . .the vast majority of crimes (violent) are committed
      my minorities, if you want to stick your head in a hole about this go ahead.. But please in your perfect world, go take a walk thru West Richmond CA, or Compton CA or Watts . . .You will not get out in one piece . . .of course your that special race
      that doesn’t have racism, just reading your post tells me you have plenty of HATE in your perfect soul. . . . . hub-bub

  • imaroachwithnomorals

    Hey!! Just like in Messsssico!!

  • RushLimbow

    When did people quit using there fists and start using guns ?

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