Dallas Mavericks’ television play-by-play voice, Mark Followill talked about the Mavericks and their up-and-down season. Mark discussed the importance of starting out strong in a block of games. The Mavericks struggled coming out of the all-star break, and have gone 2-5 in their first 7 games of a 9 game stretch. Mark discussed what teams have the Mavs’ number and what team they don’t want to see in the playoffs. He said that the Los Angeles Lakers would be tough, and the Memphis Grizzlies are a team that the Mavs can’t seem to figure out.

As far as the trade deadline, Mark said he doesn’t see the Mavs making any major moves. Despite losing guys like Tyson Chandler in free agency, Mark Cuban and the Mavericks are doing the best they can to not break up a championship team.
Next, Grant and Mark talked about the Kings and Lakers, and the discrepancy between each team’s home and road records. Mark talked about how the Kings have beat the Thunder and Lakers in Sacramento this season, and how the Lakers blew two games on the road against the Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards.

Finally, Mark talked about the Longhorn Network and the controversy surrounding the launch of the network. He discussed how ESPN paying gargantuan amounts of money to get the network started caused a lot of friction among schools, and was a key factor in Texas A&M moving from the Big 12 to the SEC. After that he spoke about the Dallas Cowboys and whether Jerry Jones will take a shot at trying to obtain Peyton Manning. Mark pointed out that Jones is a big fan of Tony Romo, and that the Cowboys have bigger, more glaring issues than quarterback.


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