By Frank Luna

Checking through reader comments on the San Francisco 49ers acquiring Randy Moss, the fan reaction seems mixed at best.

On one hand, Moss is considered low risk, high reward. If he fails to produce, or worse, his bad side rears its ugly head, the Niners can just cut him. But some fans are concerned with allowing a potential negative force in the locker room of such a young, impressionable team.

It appears that the 49ers are willing to take that chance. There’s no doubt Moss has great skills and could certainly stretch out the field for Alex Smith. But his clouded past follows closely behind him. He willingly sat out all of last season and had only 28 catches in the 2010 season with three different teams.

While San Francisco was obviously impressed enough with his workout to sign him on the spot, which Moss will show up as training camp starts or the season progresses? Moss has proven fickle at times when it comes to attitude. Many of his former teammates said his strong work ethic surprised them, however, he would mentally “check out” without warning.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh is not known to put up with any locker room distractions, so as many fans commented, just cut him if he becomes a problem. Just make sure he doesn’t leave a trail of disgruntled and disillusioned players in his wake.


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