RIVERBANK (CBS13) – A controversial Riverbank city councilman could be kicked out of office, but it’s not because of his numerous run-ins with the law.

Riverbank City Councilman Jesse James White has held on to his elected office in spite of two recall efforts, drug charges, a misdemeanor DUI, plus felony DUI, hit and run and child endangerment charges stemming from a car crash that he allegedly tried to run away from last month in Oakdale, leaving behind his bleeding 4-year-old son, Jesse James White Jr., strapped to a booster seat in his smashed-up Corvette.

“I think it’s ridiculous that he’s there in the first place,” Riverbank resident Elsa Bayly said

“He seems to be crazy,” Denise Germino said.

“What are you gonna do, you know, if people keep electing these idiots?” Bayly added.

Well it could all be coming to an end for White. Not because of his criminal charges, but his no-show status at recent City Council meetings. According to the city attorney, White’s lawyer said he was away at rehab. Then when he was spotted around town, the mayor started asking questions.

“Councilmember White has been absent now two times in a row,” Mayor Virginia Madueno noted at a recent meeting.

Now the mayor wants White to provide proof that he had an excused absence.

“I’d like to know if we have a medical note on record that says he is in some type of medical facility to warrant an excused absence,” she said.

A note hasn’t been turned in, according to the city attorney, and failing to attend city meetings for a 60-day period would allow White’s fellow councilmembers to legally remove him from office.

“I think the mayor’s doing the right thing. I think we need him gone,” Germino said.

According to a city employee, the process to officially remove Jessie James White hasn’t started. They would have to wait for that 60-day period.

Comments (5)
  1. classic... says:

    i think its undeniable that this thing is a creep…why he is still in a public office only shows just how stupid “we the people” are and why “we the people” need a new definition – perhaps one based upon the parts of original constitution wording where only landowners were allowed to vote. i think this would reduce our government budget, reduce our taxes, and shrink our government, and increase our liberty.

    1. GOLDFINGER says:

      Spoken like a true prodigy.

  2. B-Safe says:

    doesn’t reflect well on Riverbank if this who they want to represent them.

  3. stan atkinson says:

    Drug test him.

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