Kelli Anderson from Sports Illustrated talked with Grant about the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. First, Kelli talked about Virginia Commonwealth and how they’re looking to make a magical run like they did last season. VCU is a different team than they were last year, but still have Shaka Smart as their head coach and still a pressure oriented defense that could wind up giving teams a lot of problems. Their next game is against Indiana, which could make for a great game because of the conflicting styles of the two teams. VCU plays that tough defense, while Indiana and their versatile Center Cody Zeller have the ability to be a very good offensive machine. She said if both teams play to their highest capability, it’ll be a very good game.

Grant also asked Kelli Anderson, who is in Portland covering the NCAA Tournament games at the Rose Garden, about the crowds at the tournament. She said that there are tickets available and the games aren’t sold out, but that’s mostly due to a lack of local teams and players playing in Portland right now.

Finally, Kelli discussed #15 Norfolk State upsetting #2 Missouri, which she called the first big shocker of the tournament. Kelli also talked about how we nearly saw the first 16 over 1 upset with UNC-Asheville nearly beating Syracuse on Thursday. She said that close games like that, and big upsets like Norfolk State over Missouri are great since the tournament has mostly gone chalk to this point, and the upsets shake things up and give fans something to talk about.


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