El Dorado Hills (CBS13) – She’s a survivor! A petite puppy named Beyonce is thriving after escaping death several times, and she could be the world’s smallest puppy.

The tiny 2-week-old pup is being cared for by the folks at The Grace Foundation in El Dorado Hills who not only saved Beyonce from sure death, but also her mother and four siblings.

Beyonce Photo Gallery

Beyonce’s mother, Casey, a small Dachshund mix, was found pregnant and wandering the streets.

She was picked up by animal control and scheduled to have her puppies aborted, according to The Grace Foundation, but her pregnancy was too far along.

Casey was then scheduled to be euthanized at Devore Animal Control. Luckily, a group that works to save animals from being killed at Devore rescued Casey and contacted The Grace Foundation.

Five days later, Casey gave birth. The first four puppies were born without problems. However, the fifth puppy, Beyonce, was abnormally small.

At birth, Beyonce was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat. The Grace Foundation’s veterinarian, Dr. Russell, and executive director Beth DiCaprio were able to resuscitate her.

beyonce Petite Puppy Defies Odds To Survive And Could Be Record Holder

Beyonce at two weeks old is almost as big as an iPhone. (credit: The Grace Foundation/eddogphotography.com)

Beyonce was small enough to fit in a spoon when she was born. After two weeks of being fed by hand, she’s almost as big as an iPhone.

The folks at The Grace Foundation are submitting an application to the people at Guinness World Records to see if Beyonce is a record holder.

Comments (19)
  1. Lynn says:

    If she is put up for adoption please contact me – I would love a tiny little fighter.. Our Wonderful family member passed almost 2 years ago and we swore no more to tear our hearts apart but this little gal just touches your soul!! God Bless her and thank you for doing what you do!!

  2. Sassafras says:

    I have never heard of the Grace foundation, how great they were able to save the critters family, anyway I hope they saved them all, Keep bouncing Beyonce.

  3. Yay Dogs! says:

    I don’t believe in God, but God bless the animal control workers that notified Grace. Y’all are badass, good karma coming your way. And to Grace, the epitome of awesome, Thank You. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Andrea Ryan says:

      Just to set the record straight, Devore animal control workers DID NOT notify the Grace Foundation but instead were going to euthanize her mother and all of the babies. A team of Rescuers pulled her mother out just in the nick of time and contacted the Grace Foundation who took them in and rescued them from certain death at Devore.

  4. Indeed says:

    How many times must we hear about dogs saving humans’ lives, physically and mentally, before we all treat them with the love and respect they deserve? Props to the mommy dascshund-mix for fighting through her situation…

  5. Cmorno says:

    What a great story. We need to hear about caring people like The Grace Foundation. Too many animals don’t get a second chance. Lets hope whoever gets these babies gives them all the love they deserve. Thank you to all who cared for this mom and her puppies.

  6. Janice Young says:

    I would be interested in adopting one of the puppies. Let me know how to contact them.

  7. irishEyes says:

    So awesome they could save the mom and pups! Happy news!

  8. Ceasar says:

    This so called rescue claims to help save animals but all I saw was a woman putting a litter of puppies in serious danger by allowing them crawl around on grass that is frequented by many other dogs and horses. Not only that, but little Beyonce was passed from person to person like a toy. The ASPCA states that puppies should not be over-handled in the first two weeks of their life. I’m pretty sure passing her around, placing her on phones and even cookies qualifies as over-handling. It is wonderful that those puppies were saved but from the looks of it, they will be lucky to survive for another six weeks at the Grace Foundation.

  9. Janet Ortiz says:

    I sure would love to adopt this “fighter”!! Although I’m in Texas, and there are plenty of dogs to adopt, I’m a lover of tiny dogs! I have a fighter also,… mixed Chihuhahua/, Dashhund that I adopted also. She weighed only 21/2 lbs at 9 months old…and was very sick at the shelter. I took her right away! Now she’s 6 pounds, healthy, 3 years young, and still little!! It would be a great addition to my little one!!

  10. B Lewis says:

    Oh she is so precious. I would love to adopt her if she becomes available.I love animals.She would have a great loving home.But i dont know that she is the smallest pup. I had a chihuahua puppy that lived about 6 weeks,she weighed 0.6 ounce when i toke her to vet.She reminds me so much of beyonce same color and all. I have pics of her next to cig pack and in my hands she was so small.I miss herI now have one that weighs maybe 2lbs are little better and she would like a friend.Thank you so much for your time.

  11. Dawn says:

    I would love to adopt beyonce, she is so cute and my family would love a new addition to it. I live in new york and i could get any new puppy but i love tiny beyonce and my family loves the idea of having her too. She would fit perfect into our family. I also believe what the Grace Founation is doing is great, we need more animals to be saved.

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