Bullets Fly In Car Chase Stretching From Natomas To In Rio Linda

RIO LINDA (CBS13) – With bullets flying and tires squealing, a shooting and car chase in Rio Linda looked like it came right out of a Hollywood movie.

It happened in broad daylight in Natomas and ended miles away in Rio Linda where witnesses tried to describe what they heard flying through their neighborhood.

“All of a sudden you heard the vroom,” said one woman.

This quite Sunday afternoon was interrupted by police sirens and screeching tires.

“That was very dangerous,” said James Jenkins, a resident.

Police say the chase began in North Natomas near the intersection of Truxel Road and Arena Boulevard. Investigators say a person in this black Mercedes opened fire on a BMW driving next to it.

A motorist followed both cars and called 9-1-1. When police showed up, the chase was on.

“It sounded like a backfire to a car. Yeah. That’s what it was,” said a woman who witnessed the chase.

Traveling at a high rate of speed, the suspect allegedly led police to a Rio Linda neighborhood.

“I seen the Mercedes come around the corner speeding 100 mph easy. Male driving, passenger female and she looked scared,” said Pam Lake, who witnessed the chase.

The driver allegedly threw out a gun, kept driving and eventually slammed into a fence.

“The driver got out the car and run,” said Lake.

Police chased down and arrested the driver and his passenger. One neighbor found a bullet near her home, possibly ejected from the suspect’s gun.

“This neighborhood is not safe,” said one person.

There are a lot of small children here.

“It kind of bothered me because it’s in a neighborhood and theirs lots of kids that cross the street and stuff,” said Lake.

Fortunately no one was hurt.

“I’m extremely glad nobody was hurt in this and I wish they hadn’t done what they had done,” said Lake.

The suspects are facing multiple felony charges. Police are still hoping to make contact with the alleged shooting victim in the BMW.


One Comment

  1. Just not right. says:

    I want to know why, when a quote is made, that the reporter does not correct the spelling and use the correct words???

    Have some respect. You don’t have to make them look like uneducated simpletons. So, they did not have the education that we might have had, the is no reason to treat them as second class citizens.

    Just do the right thing next time. Save someone their dignity.

    1. Retired old Guy says:

      Perrhaps because they werre shooting guns off like the wild west makes them look like second class citizens. People with class don’t behave that way. They are obvious gangsters and losers who are doing something illigal to be driving Benz’s and BMW’s. Let’s call things as they are. There is no glory for trash like these punks.

    2. B-Safe says:

      if they modify somebody’s statement, it wouldn’t be a “quote”.

    3. doug says:

      do you know the meaning of the word quote?

  2. polishmyknow says:

    I got money that these individuals were russian….watch for the update 🙂

  3. huntinghounds says:

    I was on 10th Street in Rio Linda trying to catch a stray injured dog when they came FLYING by! Just moments before I had been getting out of my truck. Probebly would have taken me and my door out! And this is normally a quiet street with kids playing all over the place. Good thing there wern’t kids out! What idiots!

  4. gna says:

    Gangsterism is a scourge in our society,
    it is public enemy #1
    it is civil terrorism
    no one is safe with these terrorist roaming the streets and highways.
    Stomp out gangsterism,
    stomp out terrorist.

  5. Were They Wearing Hoodies says:


  6. RT says:

    Would have been better if they would have just killed themselves in the crash. They are just trash period!

  7. garbAGE says:

    You can’t take a corner at 100mph……. not even in a Mercedes. Speed yes,…100mph…no.
    That is one lady they won’t take in to court. 😛

  8. DisgruntledVet says:

    I don’t know which is worse, the shooting or the poor spelling in the article. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPELLING!

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