SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The studio behind the movie “Bully” rejected the R-rating the Motion Picture Association of America pushed for.

On Friday the documentary “Bully” hits theaters, but you won’t find it here in Sacramento, that is, until April 13.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said Kari Folks, a mother of a bullying victim.

Folks just saw the movie’s trailer at Tower Theatre and she says it hit close to home for her.

“It’s heartbreaking, you know, my son had an issue. He’s 16 now, but he had an issue when he was about eight years old with someone bullying him,” said Folks.

According to the documentary, 13 million young Americans will be bullied this year. It lacked star power, but was backed by celebrities, especially when the release hit a snag.

The Motion Picture Association of America slapped it with an R rating for six expletives but The Weinstein Company decided to release it anyway as unrated, leaving theaters to decide who could see the film.

When asked if Folks would allow her son to see the movie she replied, “Yeah, absolutely.”

Magid Sanaae, a mother, said she too would let her children see the film.

Many parents we spoke to say the film’s target audience, teens, shouldn’t go through hoops to see “Bully.” But, we found one parent who believes the schools should make kids watch it and to leave it rated “R.”

Mourhit Drissi, a parent, when asked if he would have a different opinion if his son or daughter had been bullied said, “Maybe. Maybe, but for now this is my opinion.”

“Bully,” a movie gaining a lot of attention, even before it hit theaters.


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