LINDEN (CBS13) – There’s no ‘X’ marking the spot, but there are some very specific locations.

Wesley Shermantine’s hand-drawn maps are going straight from death row to the office of bounty hunter Leonard Padilla.

Padilla is familiar with the area, and knew about three wells. Now authorities are getting their best look at where they are as Shermantine adds some written directions in the letter to Padilla.

“He’s just getting a little more specific now. Whether that’s because his memory is being rekindled or the media is putting thoughts in his head, I don’t know,” said Padilla.

Just last week investigators identified the remains of Joann Hobson and Kimberly Billy, both teens disappeared in the mid-80s.

From his cell, the serial killer is convinced he knows who the third woman is.

“When I say I know 100% [sic] it was a black pregnant woman, I know what the hell I was talking about,” the letter stated.

Padilla isn’t waiting for police. He’s narrowed down the likely victims to two names, and he keeps getting calls from families of other possible speed freak victims.

“We get a lot of phone calls. We get, probably, half a dozen calls a day,” said Padilla.


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