SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s a last-minute push to save Sacramento city pools.

On Monday, Save Mart and the City of Sacramento are hosting a final pledge drive for the “Save Our Pools” campaign.

So far, the campaign has raised about $230,000 in donations.

Save Mart promised to match donations made until April 10 in the hopes of raising a $1 million. If they receive the donations, it will keep six Sacramento pools open.

Click here for more information about the campaign.

Comments (4)
  1. SacMomma says:

    Sorry, I have my own pool that I need to dump money into.

  2. student says:

    SacMomma, you certainly are a Sac of something…

  3. SacMomma says:

    @ student, don’t hate just because you have to swim in a public pool and expect other people to pay for it.

    1. rd says:

      maybe he is mad because he thinks you need to dump money in the pool to swim in. dont do it, it hurts diving into a pool of quarters!

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