MODESTO (CBS13) – The pictures are jarring; Jim Ferrario is dressed up looking like a well-armed cop from head to toe.

He’s wearing a badge, vest, handgun, and rifle while posing for the camera.

Then there are pictures of Ferrario smiling in photos dated 2005.

The anonymous former friend who sent the pictures writes:

“Jimmy had a good side about him. He was a nice guy – easygoing and would help people any chance he’d get.”

But neighbors painted an unsettling picture of Ferrario after the shooting death of Deputy Robert Paris and locksmith Glendon Engert.

Even in the seconds after the April 12, double murder, law enforcement was already well aware of Ferrario’s military background.

And he had no intention of giving up. Ferrario’s old friend writes:

“Years ago when Jimmy served time for being behind in child support, the day I took him home from jail – he told me he’d never go back.”

The tense 11-hour standoff ended in spectacular fashion, a fire burring Ferrario’s home to the ground.

The ruins of that Modesto home were just bulldozed. Now we’re getting our first and likely last look inside, Ferrario in the home packed with small boxes, and three TVs that may’ve been used to monitor surveillance cameras outside.

New pictures that seem to reinforce the picture law enforcement has already painted, a guy somehow desperate enough to wage a one-man war.


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