Sam Amick from joined Jason to discuss the remainder of the NBA season. First, Jason and Sam discussed Derek Fisher and his questioning of Billy Hunter and the NBAPA’s practices. Fisher is suspicious of the way the Player’s Union works, and is pushing for a review from an independent firm. Hunter was looking to veto the push, and got an executive committee together to push Fisher out. Sam said that a review will happen, but the NBAPA wants Fisher out as the Union’s president.

Next, Sam gave his thoughts on the Sacramento arena scenario. Sam said that it is good that Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Maloofs are talking, and stopping their smear campaigns. However, Sam isn’t positive on where the two sides go from here, and what is next for the city and their new arena.

Another topic of discussion was Metta World Peace and the elbow he threw at James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder during Sunday’s game. Sam said that his best guess on a suspension for World Peace is five games, but he thinks that may be on the lower end. He said that the elbow was thrown with obvious mal intent, and World Peace’s reputation may play into a longer suspension. A suspension of World Peace during the playoffs would hurt the Los Angeles Lakers, according to Sam. He said that World Peace has been playing his best basketball over the past month, and is in some of the best physical shape of his life.

Finally, Jason and Sam talked about the upcoming NBA Playoffs. Sam said that the Spurs don’t get enough love. He said that they play solid basketball, but don’t get love because they’re not flashy like the Thunder. Sam still thinks the Thunder will be coming out of the Western Conference, but the Spurs could easily make out because of their depth.


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