SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The 17-year-old girl was once the center of national attention, outrage and even sympathy. Today she is painted as a liar by her accused rapist’s lawyer.

The girl once jailed in juvenile hall for nearly a month to guarantee her testimony against Frank Rackley, admitted on the stand today that key portions of her initial story were a lie.

The girl initially told investigators she was kidnapped by Rackley while waiting for a Sacramento light rail train.

Today she admitted she was actually prostituting on that night last July when she got into Rackley’s truck.

However, the girl says that’s where it started to go wrong, and despite repeated appeals for Rackley to stop, the teen testified he raped her before she was able to escape his truck.

She says she never gave Rackley consent to have sex with her.

But the defense chipped away at the girl’s story, questioning whether she lied about rape because she was afraid she’d get in trouble for prostitution.

Asked if she appeared in court today because she was afraid she would be jailed again if she didn’t testify, the teen insisted she knew she didn’t have to testify according to California law.

Instead she said she came because it “feels like the right thing to do,” she said.


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