FAIR OAKS (CBS13) – An adult store has what employees call a “Wall of Fame,” where photos of people caught stealing merchandise are displayed. After an incident on Sunday, two people can expect their photos to be added to the wall after breaking in and stealing thousands of dollars in items.

It took the crooks less than 12 minutes to break into Teaz N Pleaz adult store and leave with bags full of pricey merchandise.

“About $4,000 of loss right now,” said store owner Samuel Durfour.

It’s $4,000 worth of leather corsets, lubricants, adult novelty toys, and X-rated DVDs.

“I thought I was going to walk into a messy store but they took what they wanted and left,” said Gibbs.

The owner of the store says these crooks may have targeted his Lake Tahoe store in the past, and believes they were preplanning every move at the Fair Oaks location weeks in advance.

“They were caught taking video of my cameras,” said Durfour.

A surveillance video shows two burglars scrambling through merchandise, dodging the cameras in every angle, but failed to one shot.

A camera shot along with finger prints is enough to leave Durfour confident that the red-hand bandits will be caught.

“We’ll post their pictures on Facebook,” said Durfour.

There are 12 cameras in the store and the owner says he is planning to change them to night vision cameras, and add four more throughout the store.

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