DAVIS (CBS13) – Citizens and police in Davis are concerned after two reported sexual assaults in three days.

“These types of incidents are alarming,” said James MacNiven of the Davis Police Department.

“We really count on Davis being a really safe place where we can walk and ride any hour of the day,” said resident Pat Grieshop.

The latest attack occurred Sunday night on l street near Leonardo da Vinci High School. A man reportedly grabbed a 23-year-old woman from behind and reached up her skirt. The victim struggled and got away, but so did the attacker.

“We encourage people in our community to remain extra vigilant, be aware of their surroundings. We discourage people from being alone at night,” MacNiven said.

Davis police say the guy matches the same basic description as the first attack. The possibility of a serial groper has nearby high school students on high alert.

“I’s davis and you’re not expecting something like,” student Sam Simes said. “It does happen here, but you’re not really expecting it to happen.”

Police have very little to go on – a vague description and so far no surveillance video or other good leads. That’s an unsettling reality in a city where safety is not only valued, but expected.
“Nobody likes to have something like that happen near their house, or even in their town,” said Beth Alvarez, who lives near where Sunday’s incident took place.


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