AUBURN (CBS13) – A goose that was seen wandering around near an Auburn school with an arrow stuck through its body is recovering well after having the arrow surgically removed.

The goose is under the care of the Animal Medical Center in Auburn and is being treated with antibiotics.

“This goose is real lucky,” Dr. Kent Jackson said. “It had to hit her in just the right spot to have it stay there for a month and have her not die so, yeah, real lucky.”

Students from Secret Ravine School, which is near the pond where the goose was living, had been asking that the goose receive medical attention and Animal Control officers eventually were able to capture the fowl by shooting a net over her.

Students at the school have been sending the goose get-well cards and have named her Arrow Flynn, after the actor Errol Flynn.

The goose is expected to be returned to the pond as early as next week.


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