Don begins by talking about Carmichael Dave being let go by CBS Radio yesterday. For the first segment, Don explains in detail about as much as he knows about the issue, including his meeting yesterday with Dave and the powers that be, and management’s decision to “take the show in another direction.” Don also addresses the texters, tweeters, and callers who accuse Don of firing Dave, as well as the Maloofs having something to do with Dave’s release. All the guys are bummed about Dave being let go, as he was not only a huge part of the show, but also a good friend. Craig reads his text to Dave from last night, in which Dave, who still had his sense of humor, fooled Craig into thinking he was pissed at him.

While the Dave issue is revisited a few times throughout the show, Don continues with other news, including President Obama’s support for gay marriage, and North Carolina’s recently passed anti-gay amendment. We then get a visit from Sean Salisbury, who talks about going to Junior Seau’s rstaurant last night, his memorial services in the upcoming days, his love for Carmichael Dave, and weighs in a bit on the Bill Romanowski/Cris Carter controversy.

The Squeeze Inn in West Sacramento is celebrating its one year anniversary today, and Anthony from the Squeeze stops by with free burgers for the guys. The guys even have a special burger for Craig, the “Weasel Burger:” a 6lb burger with a whole tomato, 10 bacon strips, and all kinds of lettuce and red onions. While Craig begins the “Weasel Challenge,” it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the TV show Alcatraz being cancelled, the new FOX lineup, and a fugitive who was caught at McDonalds watching internet porn. After 2/3 of the burger completed, Craig pukes his brains out, while Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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