STOCKTON (CBS13) – Just as the Stockton crackdown on crime began, another murder accrued on East Worth Street.

Investigators say three people were rushed to the hospital, including one man who’d been stabbed and died at the hospital.

Friday evening, several people were detained, but this is another example of the criminal activity plaguing this community.

Joshua Perez says his family may have been involved in Friday’s fight. However, he says he uses his words rather than his fists, and commends the police department on Friday’s mission to take back the city of Stockton from the criminals.

“I’m glad, get them off the streets you know what i mean,” said Perez. “It would be better for everybody because its violent out here.”

Friday afternoon, 125 officers saturated the city, on the ground and in the air, in some of the worst neighborhoods to arrest gang members and other violent criminals.

“It’s time to take some serious action,” said Chief Eric Jones Stockton Police Department.

It’s a show of force that couldn’t prevent yet another homicide, but that won’t stop the manhunt for Stockton’s most wanted.


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