By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Inside a Yolo County animal shelter right now are cats caged and waiting for adoption.

It’s hard to imagine but in Yolo County there are now two separate cat killing investigations at once.

“She had a single bullet wound that was at the center of her back, next to her spinal column,” said Chief Animal Services Officer Vicky Fletcher.

A Woodland family pet was found dead with a high caliber bullet fragment still lodged inside her. The family pet was found lying in the alley by her owners.

Two years ago the same family had another cat shot and killed.

Their neighbor Kathy Cholewinski can sympathize.

“He was only a year and a half old, really sweet cat,” said Cholewinski.

She says another of her cats was also shot and killed. The killings were enough to keep her inside for a time.

“Then I just thought, I didn’t want that person to have that much power over me because I didn’t even know who the person was,” said Cholewinski.

Cholewinski believes it’s the same person behind all the shootings.

There was also another cat killing in West Sacramento last week. Someone set a stray cat on fire.

It’s turning into an epidemic in Yolo County.

“This kind of an intentional cruelty situation, it seems like it’s been pretty horrific,” said Cholewinski.

The investigation into the latest cat shooting is now underway.

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