HIGGINS (CBS13) – It’s an open house now, but the fire house may be closed.

“That would be terrible,” said one citizen. “We live in fire country here.”

Three Higgins fire stations cover 90 square miles and are manned around the clock.

The district is facing a $450,000 shortfall, which could cause the station to close as soon as July 1. So, for the first time in 32 years, the fire district is asking voters to approve “Measure B” to increase fees from $25 to $125.

“We hope that the community steps forward and does what they can to help out,” said Janeane Martin.

Parents of a Higgins fire district firefighter say they’re concerned for their son’s safety if deeper cuts are made.

“This cannot be something that you need to be cutting. It’s peoples’ lives. I mean, what’s more important?” said Julie Africa, the firefighter’s mother.

Fire crews say this fire season could be the worst yet and cuts won’t help in their fight. Not to mention, it could double or triple the current response time in emergencies.


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