SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Jay Twilley, 53, admits he loves meth.

He also admits to being a career criminal.

“I have never, never been off parole since 1979,” said Twilley.

What’s his main offense?

“For drugs,” said Twilley.

He was arrested Tuesday after a traffic stop. While being searched, a deputy reached into his pocket.

“He must have stuck his hand in there and started feeling around, you know,” said Twilley.

The deputy found more than he bargained for. It was a pocket filled with hypodermic needles.

The used, contaminated needles punctured the deputy’s hand, and then Twilley dropped a bone chilling bomb.

“I’m dying of Hepatitis C right now,” said Twilley.

Depending on the stage and severity of the hepatitis, it can be deadly. Now, the deputy could be infected.

Jason Ramos has been a sheriff’s deputy since 1996. He too was pricked by a needle during a search, and was forced to take a drug cocktail to fight off any potential deadly diseases.

“It was a scary situation, because you don’t know the history of the individual, said Ramos. “For three weeks straight, 16 different pills.”

Twilley has a message for the deputy and his family, but he believes he deserves some sympathy too.

“I don’t want to hurt nobody. I have no reason to wish nobody no harm,” said Twilley. “I’m sorry for what they’re going through but I’m sorry for what I’ve had to go through my whole life.”


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