SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Walking side by side, smiling from ear to ear, and the crowd was cheering as college students celebrated a milestone.

But a lot of graduates are wondering, “What now?”

“I really did think that by the time I got out of school it would be a better economy, but it’s not,” said Jason Solano.

With California’s unemployment rate at 10.9 percent, many college graduates head into the tough workforce with fear.

“I’m trying to find a job as an undergrad and pay for my school bills, and with my family, I have 4 kids,” said Solano.

“Just a lot of competition and stressful to think about,” said one graduate.

While very few students are lucky enough to land a job right out of college, others seek alternative possibilities just to make ends meet.

“I will continue my part time job and start on my master’s program,” said another graduate.

While some students take on jobs unrelated to their major, others are relying on their parents to help them get by.

“I stayed at home, and it made financial sense to stay at home and have them help me,” said Meghan Bianco.

However, the frustration of finding a fulltime job straight out of college doesn’t just come from new graduates but their anxious parents as well.

“We’re fifth generation Californian and I would hate to see my daughter leave out of state for a job, but if you do, you do,” said Denise Gordon.

And while the road ahead may be tough for some students, the advice they give each other can help along the way.

“You just have to keep going and get a deferment,” joked one graduate.


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