Today, Don starts with yesterday’s post show conversation with Phantom, Craig, Little Joe, and Billy/Danny, which involved Craig’s “zingers,” and a remote Craig is scheduled to do. We also get a visit from Doug the Car Czar, who was almost hit by a car on the air by a drunk driver, live on “Good Day Sacramento” yesterday.

After Don tells us that he’s noticed a couple of married news anchors not wearing their rings on TV yesterday, Don tells us about a “Break-a-thon” charity event for a little girl with leukemia. Don then calls Blind Neil to ask him how his weed brownie trip went yesterday. Neil, apparently blind to Little Joe’s numerous jokes about him, attacks Craig for his comments about Neil’s dirt weed from 8 months ago.

We then hear celebrity tweets about the passing of Donna Summer, and an SNL sketch featuring the Disco Queen. We then hear that Van Halen has postponed tour dates this summer, and even hear a clip of David Lee Roth stopping the show last night because of a a fan who threw garbage on the stage.

We then get a visit from Sean Salisbury. Sean gives us his thoughts on the Saints not yet signing Drew Brees, and even give us his take on the NBA playoffs. Don then tells us about the Brewfest at Raley Field this weekend, and has Craig sample a few beers that will be featured. While Craig drinks, the guys play “Stupid Jeopardy.” It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, we hear about this weekend’s movies, and Van Halen’s postponed tour dates. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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