VALLEJO (CBS13) – An 11-year-old victim in a middle school girl fight says she’s afraid to go back to school, and her mother is demanding changes be made.

The attack took place in broad daylight right on campus at Hogan Middle School in Vallejo.

The victim says she was beaten so severely, she doesn’t even remember the attack.

The video is disturbing to watch. It shows the girl on her back trying to keep her 14-year-old attacker at bay while classmates stand in a circle cheering the bully on.

“I really don’t feel safe at school,” Ancia Williams told CBS13’s Ron Jones on Monday, “just to know that I might get beat up again. I don’t really think there’s anything I can do.”

This attack happened more than a month ago and Ancia is still out of school healing from her wounds. Photographs after the attack show a bruised and swollen eye and missing hair pulled from her head.

What was she thinking during the attack? “Um, I can’t really tell you because I don’t remember,” she said.

She’s still suffering from a concussion.

Ancia says she doesn’t even know this girl or why she was targeted.

“That tells me there’s a big lack of security in place here for these children,” her mother, LaDonna Williams, said.

Ancia’s mom says the school district has provided little help other than suspending the attacker for a couple of days.

“The schools are responsible for providing a safe environment for our kids to learn, and they’re failing miserably,” she said.

So now this mom is taking her message to the nation through by posting the video and asking parents to sign her petition to keep kids safe from bullies.

“I want it to be for every school in the United States,” she said.

These are her demands:

  • That bullies are arrested, not just suspended, after attacks;
  • The bully’s parents are identified;
  • High school start at the 10th grade to separate younger kids from the older ones;
  • And a zero-tolerance policy for bullies.

“No means no. Zero means none,” LaDonna said.

Because it is the holiday weekend, school officials were not available to comment.

However, since the video appeared on the Internet the district attorney’s office will now be meeting with the family this week to see if any charges will be filed.


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