SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Steve Galvan says he watched helplessly as his girlfriend lied on the sidewalk.

“The person that did this is going to pay for this. You’re not going to get away with this,” said Galvan.

Galvan is talking directly to 57-year-old Patricia Borders. She is an alleged drunk driver that police say left a path of destruction which left Galvan’s girlfriend, Amy Elliot, with extremely serious injuries.

“Her back, to start out with, has pins, screws. Her ribs are fractured; her chest is fractured; her left leg is fractured; her right arm is fractured,” said Galvan.

It was Friday that Police say a citizen noticed Borders driving her Prius erratically in midtown. She already clipped cars by the time officers would catch up to her. Borders would allegedly smash, start plowing into everything in front of her, including Elliot who was walking on the sidewalk.

“Hit my girl, went and knocked over a tree, slowed down for a minute, looked at me, and sped off and hit another car,” said Galvan.

Elliot underwent surgery for multiple fractures on Sunday.

CBS13 has learned Borders is a licensed family therapist who had recently been cited for not disclosing a previous conviction, but there’s no word on what that conviction was.

“If she’s a family therapist, they better check her breath before they start talking to her,” said Galvan.

Borders is facing felony charges, while Galvan’s longtime girlfriend is facing a very long road to recovery.

“She has very life-threatening, serious injuries,” said Galvan.


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