NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) – The Department of Fish and Game has seized two black bear cubs after a man was trying to sell them or give them away.

The bear cubs were being looked over at the department’s headquarters in Rancho Cordova on Thursday. A man was reportedly trying to sell them or get rid of them at a North San Juan gas station on Wednesday and someone who saw the caged cubs called Fish and Game’s tip line.

Chris Puett told Fish and Game the mother bear charged him on his Nevada County property several days ago and he shot her in self-defense. He told CBS13 he wasn’t trying to sell the bears but rather was looking for a good home for them. He also said he called Fish and Game and was told to either shoot the cubs or leave them alone.

Fish and Game says it has no record of a call from Puett and wouldn’t have told him to shoot the cubs.

It’s unclear if he’ll face any charges but possession of bears or bear parts is a felony.

The cubs will be rehabilitated in the Lake Tahoe area and released back into the wild some time in January.


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