MANTECA (CBS13) – A backyard barbecue was interrupted by gunfire in Manteca on Wednesday night. Five people, including a pregnant woman and a 3-year-old girl, were hurt in the shooting.

A 7-year-old next-door neighbor saw the shots light up the night.

“This one was scared to fall asleep,” Tina Mattes said of her son. “Cops had to reassure him they’d be there.”

He’s just starting Little League, 7-year-old Nicolas isn’t supposed to see things like this.

“I could see the bullets coming out, like the flashing,” he said. “Yeah, I saw all that.”

Nicolas was in the family room watching his step-dad Richie take out the trash in the alley around 9 on Wednesday night when someone started shooting at the house next door.

“At least 15,” Richie Criado said. “It was crazy. It was right in my ear.”

Nicolas feared his step-dad had been shot.

“Richie went to take out the trash and next thing he was running in, and they were boom, boom, boom shooting. I was scared when I saw the flares and then I saw Richie running in,” the boy said.

Manteca police say at least 15 rounds were fired with at least one handgun from the alley into a crowded family backyard barbecue.

Five people in the backyard, including a 23-year-old pregnant woman, a 15-year-old girl and a 3-year-old girl were hit. The family members say they have no idea who’s responsible.

So somebody just showed up and started shooting?

“Yep,” said family member Genaro Salvado.

Police say the victims are in stable condition, with all expected to survive. Little Nicolas and his family won’t rest easy, though, until the shooters are behind bars.

“I want to cry,” his mom said. “He shouldn’t be scared of where he lives, he shouldn’t be scared of where he sleeps. It’s horrible to see my son that upset.”


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