By Mikhail Chernyavsky

“Rock of Ages” will have you laughing, and more importantly, rocking out to karaoke staples from the 1980s.

From empty cans of hairspray to empty cases of booze, the heyday of hair-metal rock ‘n’ roll thrives in Adam Shankman’s (Hairspray) film adaptation of the Broadway hit.

Ages follows the story of small town girl Sherrie (Julianne Hough) and city boy Drew (Diego Boneta) persuing their dreams of rock n’ roll stardom while working at the Bourbon Room.

From the start, the film’s plot is typical of the clichéd naivety of the films from that decade. This isn’t a strike against the film, but really the proper tone to set up a story that is as cheesy and dorky as the 80s have become.

The story is incredibly clichéd as Sherrie and Drew fall in love instantaneously — literally. She shows up in Hollywood within the first moments of the film when they meet and fall for one another. It’s the typical boy meets girl story.

The basic plot lines of the film are pretty predictable and simple. It’s the man versus rock n’ roll, the battle for true love, and a tale of one man’s change of heart, etc.

However, the film wouldn’t work without its satirical tone, which pokes fun at fashion, style and most of all, the music accompanied by some epically corny acting.

The film’s triumph isn’t in the story or the musical numbers, but in the cast that is so willing to jump into its characters and have a great time.

Like a true rock band front man, Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) steals the show. With his deadpan delivery, Cruise is hilarious as the worn down, drunken front man of the band Arsenal.

Just like Les Grossman in 2008’s “Tropic Thunder”, Cruise shows audiences he is capable of being much more than just an action star.

Cruise also reveals some new talent as he sings for the first time. The actor trained for five months with vocal coach Ron Anderson, who has worked with Axl Rose.

Honestly, nothing in this film will make you ponder life’s great mysteries. It’s a cheesy film that shows its love and admiration to a decade full of wild hair and an even wilder sense of style.

Simply put, it’s fun, and will have you laughing and singing along from start to finish. It features music from Scorpions, Journey, Whitesnake, Foreigner, and Bon Jovi.

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