AUBURN (CBS13) – The wedding ring found in a used car is back with the bride it belongs to.

It’s been quite a journey for a 50-year-old wedding ring.

Shannon Callahan and her husband can’t wait to get it to its rightful owner.

Just Tuesday they told CBS13 how they found it, stuffed between the back seat of their car. That was three weeks ago.

“Well, my first thought was ‘where’d this ring come from?’ ” said Callahan.

The car and ring are from El Paso, Texas.

The Callahans purchased their used vehicle from a local dealer and, through the VIN number, learned it came from the Lone Star State.

Hoping to find the ring’s owner, they reached out to the local media.

It was discovered the car’s previous owner had moved from Texas to Auburn, and that’s where the original bride was too.

They called her and she was able to verify the inscription inside the ring, April 1961.

“This is the most wonderful moment,” said Callahan as she was getting ready to return the ring.

The Callahans drove from Elverta to Auburn to deliver the golden ring.

Darlene King said she hasn’t seen this ring in years – ever since her husband, Tom, lost it in Texas.

“I thought we’d never get it back. I thought it went down the drain,” said King.

Unfortunately, Tom recently passed away.

“These nice people found it. I just wish my husband were alive. He died in January of this year,” said King.

Surrounded by local media types, King kept checking to make sure it was Tom’s.

“You know what? It is his ring. Yes it is,” said King.

She already has plans for it.

“I think I’ll wear it on a chain around my neck for a little while,” said King.

King also told CBS13 she was going to take that ring and send it to her son in Washington state as a keepsake.

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