DAVIS (CBS13) – A Davis boy’s fearful father says Thursday’s attempted abduction happened in their own neighborhood.

Surveillance video captures the tail end of what police are calling an attempted kidnapping.

“We’re pretty concerned with what happened,” said Todd Stoltz, the victim’s father.

Stoltz has every reason to be concerned; his 11-year-old son was walking the family dog when he was approached by two people inside a van.

“(The suspects) asked him to get in, and he turned around and came home as fast as he could,” said Stoltz.

But as Stoltz’s son ran, the van chased him into a nearby cul-de-sac, eventually video shows it turning around and taking off.

“We had never had been concerned about our kids being out and running out and playing within the neighborhood,” said Stoltz.

An upscale neighborhood at that, neighbors in the Alhambra Lake Estates are shocked.

“I think they need heightened up security and let people know,” said one resident.

Police insist it can happen anywhere.

“This kind of thing can happen anywhere. We’re on I-80, were all connected. Criminals tend to be mobile,” said Lt. Paul Doroshov, Davis Police Department.

Police are searching for the van and the man and woman that were inside.

“If they could contact police immediately as to who that might be, it looks like the taillights are pretty distinct, because they’re clear,” said Doroshov.

Stoltz meanwhile is just proud and thankful his son is safe.

“We were very happy that he did what he did,” said Stoltz.


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