FOLSOM (CBS13) – They set out to break world records on jet skis but six friends are taking the ultimate reality show challenge after hitting troubled waters half a world away.

That local reality star’s family, including his wife, is praying he’s safe and okay.

“I want him just to call, just to know he’s okay,” said wife Annette Moll.

Annette is overwhelmed with fear, knowing her husband Steven is apparently being held against his will half a world away.

“He called about 6:30 this morning and said that they made it, but they were detained,” said Annette.

Steven, who lives in Folsom, is the star of a reality TV show called “Dangerous Waters.”

The show features a six-man crew making their way through international waters on only Sea-Doos.

Annette has learned Steven and the crew have been placed in custody by Russian authorities after crossing the Bering Strait from Alaska.

“They already had a visa. They had plans; they had contacts. They had everything they’re supposed to have; and so, there’s no reason for them to be detained,” said Annette.

Still, apparently the Russians want to make sure.

Annette says her husband made a brief phone call to her Friday afternoon and sent two text messages.

“He said he was sleeping on a cot in a gym and they were asking a lot of questions,” said Annette.

But, since that time, Annette has lost contact.

“At this point, his phone, it goes directly into voicemail. So, I don’t know if it’s turned off or it’s dead or it’s been taken. I have no idea,” said Annette.

Annette says her husband told her they were being treated with respect and authorities are reviewing their paperwork, but they’re not expected to be released for at least another day.

“You worry. In the back of your mind you worry, is he going to come home?” wonders Annette.

It is unclear if this will stop the show and stop the trip.

Annette received a text message from Steven late Friday saying he is safe and will begin the journey home Saturday.


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