SUTTER COUNTY (CBS13) – Both directions of Highway 113 remain as crews attempt clear and investigate to a multiple vehicle accident that injured several people including one person in critical condition, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The accident happened just after 7:30 Friday morning on Highway 113 near the town of Robbins. Two big rigs, two cars and a truck towing a boat were involved in the accident.

It’s unclear what caused the crash, but two of the vehicles ended up trapped underneath one of the big rigs which had gone off the road and was partially in an irrigation ditch.

A father and son who witnessed the accident jumped into action to help.

“It’s pretty scary. The trailer coming towards us and my dad telling me to hold on because we were going to go off the road,” said 16-year-old Austin Scheiber. “We come running over here and there was a guy hunched over in the water so we pull him out. Then the driver of the semi gets out and we pull him out and we pull him onto shore.”

“Most people don’t run to accidents like this, they run away from them,” said CHP officer Jodie Beck.

But Austin was matter of fact about his actions.

“It had to be done. I didn’t just want them sitting down there in the water,” continued Austin.

As far as the investigation, CHP says this stretch of Highway 113 was under construction and the truck driver that ended up in the ditch either didn’t notice a slowdown or had a mechanical issue.

“We’re not sure at this point if he applied his brakes or they didn’t work. We’re still investigating that,” Beck said.

The big rig was carrying a white powdery fertilizer which spilled all over the roadway.

The situation grew worse as crews were attempting to clear the accident. As the big rig was being towed out of the irrigation ditch, one of its fuel tanks ruptured spilling diesel into the waterway.

CHP is now saying the road will not be open until 4:00 p.m.


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