VACAVILLE (CBS13) – A 20-year-old has been in a coma since being beaten on 4th of July.

Now, his family has made the tough decision to remove him from life support.

“The damage to his brain is too massive,” said his mother Kathy Pierce.

So the Vacaville mother is now preparing to say goodbye to her youngest son, Tyler Grande.

“We’re waiting for them to be able to harvest his organs for donor, so somebody else can live because of it,” said Pierce.

The 20-year-old has been in a medically induced coma when a holiday celebration ended with a brutal beating.

“There was fighting over a cell phone,” said Pierce.

Witnesses say Grande had just arrived to an Independence Day block party on Garden Circle in Vacaville when a fight broke out.

When he tried to intervene, Grande was punched in the head, and it didn’t stop there.

“When he hit the ground he was stomped out, they call it stomping them out,” said Pierce.

Grande would receive what will now turn out to be fatal injuries to his brain.

Despite more than 200 possible witnesses at the party, no arrests have been made.

“Since there was so many people, I think everybody’s hoping the next person is going to say something and they won’t have to be the one to say something,” said Pierce.

Pierce now is hoping someone will have the courage to talk.

“Just tell the truth,” said Pierce. “How can you beat somebody to death?”

A young man, he was just starting his life.

“He was just a clown, just funny,” said Pierce.

It’s a life that is about to end too soon and a mother is hoping her son’s spirit will live on after.

“Maybe somebody will have a life because of this,” said Pierce. “I don’t want this to go for nothing.”


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