Today on the Grant Napear Show, Grant talked about Drew Brees’ new contract, Blake Griffin’s injury, Terrell Owens, the Oakland A’s, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. Grant took calls about possible Power Balance Pavilion renovations, Anthony Davis making the US Olympic team, as well as if callers would rather pitch against the Dodgers’ lineup or the Giants’ lineup. Grant interviewed Tim Legler, Isaiah Thomas and Scott Reiss.

NBA analyst Tim Legler joined Grant today to talk about the NBA offseason. Tim discussed the Houston Rockets frantic efforts to acquire Dwight Howard, and how there are risks involved in giving up so much for a player that doesn’t want to sign long term. Grant and Tim also talked about how Dwight Howard’s image has taken a hit throughout this saga dating back to last year’s trade deadline. One of the players people have talked about moving in a Dwight Howard deal is Andrew Bynum, who Tim said could prove to be a danger if made the centerpiece of a franchise. Tim also talked about Steve Nash coexisting with Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin’s health, Brook Lopez’s contract, and the benefits of the Summer League for relatively unknown players. Finally, Grant and Tim talked about the importance of the team aspect off the court, as well as what the ceiling is for DeMarcus Cousins.

Sacramento Kings’ Guard Isaiah Thomas joined Grant today to talk about his offseason. Isaiah is graduating from the University of Washington on Wednesday and talked about the importance of getting his education and finishing school. While he isn’t playing in the NBA Summer League, Isaiah will be running a basketball camp for kids in Sacramento. Isaiah discussed his love of working with kids, and how he wants to be around at his camp to help out as much as he can. For his offseason workouts, Isaiah said he’s focusing on proving last season wasn’t a fluke, and he said that the entire Kings team is working hard, bonding and learning how to win. Finally, Isaiah and Grant talked about Thomas Robinson, and how he’s using his low finish in the Rookie of the Year voting as more fuel to the fire to get better.

Scott Reiss from Comcast Sportsnet was on with Grant today to talk about the San Francisco Giants as they enter the second half of their season. Scott and Grant talked about the National League West race, and how the Diamondbacks and Dodgers stack up against the Giants. Scott also discussed Tim Lincecum’s struggles and what Manager Bruce Bochy intends to do if those struggles continue. Bruce Bochy also has a knack for playing the hot hand at certain positions and Scott talked about the platoons between Justin Christian and Gregor Blanco in right field, as well as Brandon Crawford and Joaquin Arias at shortstop. Grant also asked Scott about the importance of winning on the road, how the Giants are their own biggest threat, and how the Dodgers might make a push with their pitching


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