Don begins by telling us about the phone call he got about an opening at CBS New York, Don’s favorite radio station. After thinking about it for “2 seconds,” Don said there’s no way he’s leaving Sacramento – he’s too happy here! He then reads yet another email from his old D.O.T. buddy, who gives him an update on the whereabouts of the other guys they grew up with. We then hear about Craig’s interview with Weird Al after the show yesterday, and how Craig thought it went. We only hear the first part of it today, but we’ll get the full interview on tomorrow’s show. After discussing the shenanigans Don and Little Joe have planned for Craig’s birthday tomorrow, the guys talk about the latest news on the douche bag shooter in the Aurora tragedy, and how he mailed a notebook describing his plans in graphic detail to his psychiatrist. Don tells us exactly what he would do to this punk if he were King.

After Don tells us how happy he is about the NFL coming soon, and all the training camps opening this week, Little Joe and Don get into an argument over whether or not Joe Namath was overrated. Don then calls in Ron from promotions, and their promotions intern, Lauren. Don sends Lauren and Ron Ron out to Hooters in Natomas to play “Highway Love Connection,” in which listeners can come by and meet Lauren, and she’ll decide which one of them she wants to go on a date with. Don then reads a new Kirk/Spock erotic story, which is tremendously graphic (and gay!) and then announces that it was written by our very own Steve Bryant!

Ron and Lauren call in from Hooters, and the throughout the show the guys check in on them to see if anyone has come by to meet Lauren. Don then tells us how pissed he is at the fact that the new iPhone 5 is incompatible with all of his other iPhone stuff. The guys then talk about Noodles’ busted leg, that he apparently injured while “playing kickball,” and then Don tells us about an Atlanta man who got kicked out of Disneyworld because he looked too much like Santa Claus.

Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on her boyfriend, and no one on the show seems to give a crap, so the guys check back in with Lauren, who has decided on one of the guys she met, and tomorrow, Don will have both Lauren and the lucky guy on the show to discuss their first date! The guys get so wrapped up with Lauren that they don’t even get to the “Phantom News Hour,” so Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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