Today is Craig’s birthday, and the guys have all kinds of shenanigans in line for him! First however, Don asks what the hell is up with Slow Joe’s monkey shirt. Joe got it at a head shop for $7, and thought it would make him look cool. The guys then talk about last night’s episode of “Louie,” and Don plays a few recently released Sandusky voice mails that creep everybody out. Don then gets a call from our new Twitter friend “Georgie Fairmont,” and tells us all about how she loves being an exhibitionist, and her insatiable lust for Little Joe’s wife, Laura.

After we hear a birthday video for Craig posted on Facebook by loyal listener Riley, Don calls a grocery store in NYC that has a “Man Aisle,” then calls Lauren the Intern, and “Ryan,” winner of yesterday’s “Highway Love Connection,” about their date next week. We then hear Craig’s interview with the legendary Weird Al Yankovic, and clips from last night’s “Letterman,” and an Oklahoma man who hits a robber with a baseball bat. After Janice from Ceres calls in to tell us how much weight she’s lost, we hear a clip of Fred Willard on “Jimmy Fallon” last night, talking about his run in with the law at the Tiki Theatre in L.A.

We then get an in studio visit from Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez. Gilbert tells us about his fight on September 29 at Power Balance Pavilion, how he got into fighting, the worst thing he’s ever done to an opponent, and even puts Craig in a chokehold!

After Gilbert come the birthday strippers! Craig gets “Serena” from City Limits to dance for him, and out of nowhere the DJ from the club comes in and wreaks havok on poor unsuspecting Craig as well! It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the making of “Machete 2,” Switzerland banning the use of “poison” as a pizza topping, movie releases this weekend, and last week’s box office numbers. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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