VALLEJO (CBS13) – A scare in the air leads to a roller coaster of a rescue.

Riders were stranded high atop Vallejo’s newest and tallest ride.

Riders on the new Superman roller coaster could have used the Man of Steel’s help Sunday.

They were stuck on the ride when it stalled 15-stories up at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, baking in the sun for an hour and a half before being rescued.

It’s a thrill ride they didn’t bargain for.

“We’ve actually done some training on this in case this situation arose,” said Bat. Chief Raymond Jackson, Vallejo Fire Department.

The Vallejo Fire Department was called to Superman Ultimate Flight.

“It’s somewhat of a unique roller coaster,” said Jackson.

It’s not faster than a speeding bullet at only 62 miles per hour; but like the Man of Steel, this metal contraption normally flies through the air with heart pounding twists and turns.

Our desperate dozen was just inches away from all the blood draining to their heads when it broke down at the peak right side up at 150 feet above ground.

“They seemed relatively calm and in good spirits,” said Jackson.

It took mere mortals to come up with a plan as fire crews used a large crane to reach the parched passengers.

“We brought them water and sun block if they’re up there for potentially several hours. And also, the biggest priority is see if anybody had any medical problems or anything like that,” said Jackson.

No word if it was kryptonite or mechanical failure that brought Superman to a screeching halt; but we do know the experience was just as scary for those watching on the ground.

“About an hour into it, the crane finally got up there, and, once it got up there, they were talking to the people about everything, and think they told them the ride was going to be fine, and then they shot back down and like 20 minutes later, everybody walked off,” said one witness.

No was injured.

Vallejo fire officials tell CBS13 that they had trained for such an emergency about a month ago.


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