SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Computers, cash, even family mementos were stolen from homes in south Sacramento.

There’s either a connection or big coincidence in a two-day period of several burglaries, all within walking distance of each other.

“The window was smashed out,” said Karin Nowell.

There was shattered glass on Nowell’s floor. The family had just returned home from vacation.

They took her two computers, her son’s Wii, and her young daughter’s gold necklace.

“That was really important to my daughter. It was from her grandma,” said Nowell.

The culprits jumped her fence in order to get to the back window.

“I was just shocked at first and it makes you really paranoid because you think ‘Oh they are going to come back or they are going to come back while we are here,’ ” said Nowell.

“Scared, scared, I was real scared,” said Earlann Trotter.

Trotter says the thieves also came in her back window Tuesday afternoon.

“They had took everything out of the drawers, threw it on the floor. I guess they were looking for money,” said Trotter.

And they got it, money she’d stashed away and sentimental rings she’s kept for years.

Sacramento police say there’ve been three home burglaries in the south Sacramento neighborhood in just two days.

And with the modes of operation very similar, they wonder whether the culprits are the same.

Trotter is just glad she wasn’t home at the time, turning a burglary into a potentially violent home invasion.

“Afraid you don’t know what to expect, what if they had come in and I was here?” said Trotter.

And Trotter thinks that whoever is doing this is casing the neighborhood, watching people’s habits to see when they come and go.


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