By Kurtis Ming

Many people avoid hiring an attorney simply because they can’t afford it.

We call on Kurtis Ming with an affordable way to get legal help.

The concept is a simple way. Pay for the legal help before you need it.

It’s been around for decades and an Elk Grove viewer says it’s helped him save thousands.

Corey Davis needed someone else to do the heavy lifting for him when he went through his divorce.

“I needed a referral to an attorney,” said Corey.

He signed up for a prepaid legal plan with Caldwell Legal in Sacramento.

For $14 a month, you can get free unlimited legal advice over the phone and 25% off the cost of an attorney.

“That was huge for me. Any way I can save some money,” said Corey.

“He loved people and this was founded to help people,” said Crystal Caldwell Virtue, Attorney, Caldwell Legal.

Caldwell Virtue’s dad, Don Caldwell, is the founder of the prepaid legal industry dating back to 1967.

“Since he had an insurance background, he just thought why can’t we pool the risk for legal in the same way we pool the risk for medical?” said Crystal.

Like a health, vision or dental plan, it works like insurance, except for legal help.

  • Caldwell says their attorneys will call you back within two days
  • The $14 a month plan covers you, your spouse and kids up to 19… Up to 23 if they’re in school
  • You get free referrals to hundreds of attorneys in 45 states (Not available in Montana, South Carolina, Florida, Hawaii or Massachusetts)
  • Free tax advice.
  • They’ll review any legal document up to six pages
  • Make calls and write legal letters for you
  • And prepare a will for free

“That’s a big savings, attorneys don’t normally give discounts,” said Caldwell Virtue.

Corey says it saved him thousands. It was a benefit offered through his company. He’s no longer enrolled in the plan but recommends it.

“At the time, it was something I was very glad I had access to,” said Corey.

There are hundreds of law firms that offer prepaid legal plans.

As in Corey’s case, some companies offer it as part of your benefits.

Be sure to check out any attorney with the American and state Bar Associations and the BBB to make sure you’re dealing with someone reputable.

As for Caldwell Legal, there is no contract or cancellation fee. There’s also a legal plan for small businesses for $49 a month.

Caldwell Legal

California State Bar

American Bar Association

Better Business Bureau


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