Grant started off his Tuesday show by asking his listeners whether they would want to hear him do a weekly segment on fantasy football during the NFL season.

John Smoltz of MLB Network joined for his weekly segment and didn’t hesitate to jump in on the debate as to whether or not Grant should have a once-a-week fantasy football segment. John and Grant also broke down the winners and losers of the trade deadline as well as chatting a little about golf.

Mike Pereira, former Senior Director of Officiating for the NFL, weighed in with his thoughts on fantasy football as well as the labor issues with the NFL referee’s union that could leave us with replacement officials for week one of regular season action. Pereira now works for Fox as a rules analyst, and broke down all of the rule changes we’ll experience for the 2012 NFL season. Mike explained, in detail, how replacement officials will hurt the product on the field.

Grant’s Rant today laced into Antonio Cromartie. The New York Jets’ defensive back, in a move that is all-too-indicative of the Jets’ attitude during the Rex Ryan era, announced that not only has he been taking reps at wide receiver during camp, but he considers himself the second best receiver on the team (a remark that didn’t sit well, of course, with the team’s receiving corps).

Brian Kenny of MLB Network led off by talking about the Washington Nationals, who are in a pretty tight spot with young flamethrower Stephen Strasburg. When Strasburg was drafted, the Nationals promised to limit his innings for long term benefit. Strasburg is approaching his limit, but the Nationals are in the heat of a pennant race and the speculation about the plan with Strasburg is rampant. Kenny also broke down the winners and losers of the trade deadline, including the Dodgers’ pickups of Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino and the Giants’ acquisition of Hunter Pence. Brian also talked about the Oakland A’s attendance woes despite the team being the hottest in baseball, wondering what incentive ownership would have to stay in town when even a winning team can’t draw a crowd.


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