The Grant Napear show kicked off on Tuesday with Grant talking about the passing of Andy Reid’s son and Andy’s roll as a Father to his sons. The response from callers didn’t draw a conclusive result into Andy’s roll as a parent. Grant would like Andy to address this at some point.

The skipper of the Oakland Athletics, Bob Melvin joined Grant to talk about the team. He said that Cespedes would be returning to the lineup, in the DH roll. They also discussed the use of the Sacramento River Cats and how it provides a larger roster for him.

Grant continued his tour of NFL training camps with Larry Michaels, from the Washington Redskins radio network. They discussed Robert Griffin III , injuries and the ever present owner, Daniel Snyder.

In the final part of the show, Grant asked if Barry Bonds should go into the MLB Hall of Fame. If he was to get in, would he be a 1st ballot HOF’er or would it take several times?


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