Grant began the show by touching on Olympic basketball and the low blows that have taken place recently. This was later the subject of his rant.

Grant also talked about Bay Area baseball, Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid and his handling of his son’s passing, Cleveland Browns injury concerns, Boston Red Sox baseball and the extra wild card spot in baseball.

Grant’s close friend and national sports radio host, Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo, came on the show to talk anything and everything.

Russo brought a ton of energy to the show as he reminisced on memories he shared with Grant.

Russo touched on the Olympics, the NL West division race, Barry Bonds’ Hall of Fame bid, Mike Trout’s amazing rookie season and the potential for him to win the A.L. MVP Award, the Oakland A’s second half surge in the standings, the Sacramento Kings’ arena situation, the Oakland Raiders’ new coach and the Olympics’ pre-recorded showings.

Also, Ian Eagle from CBS Sports joined Grant to talk about teams in New York.

Eagle talked about the New York Jets and New York Giants, the Buffalo Bills, the hype around the Nets’ move to Brooklyn and whether or not they can compete with the New York Knicks for attention in New York.

Additionally, Hall Of Fame NFL player Chris Doleman was on with Grant to talk about his recent induction.

Doleman spoke on his Hall of Fame enshrinement and what it meant to him, head injuries in the NFL, what being a pass-rusher meant to his career and his favorite part of playing in the NFL.


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