VACAVILLE (CBS13) – The man fatally shot in front of the Vacaville Police Department on Thursday afternoon was identified Friday as a 57-year-old Vacaville reisdent.

The shooting happened shortly after 3 p.m. and Gustavo Pedro Moreno was shot twice in the chest.

Vacaville police have had several contacts with Moreno dating back to 2004, including arrests for disorderly conduct and a hold for psychiatric evaluation.

Emergency crews responded to the steps of the police station at 660 Merchant Street and performed life-saving procedures on Moreno until he was taken to Kaiser Vacaville, where he was pronounced dead.

Moreno reportedly came into the police lobby demanding to speak with officers before returning to the front parking lot, where he was contacted by the officer.

“I would say he was not in his right mind or in a healthy state of mind,” said witness Kyle McCarthy.

McCarthy was just feet away, watching it all unfold from his car, and says Moreno seemed out of it.

“He just looked dead inside. He did not look normal. His head was tilted downward but he was looking at the officer,” said McCarthy.

A clerk on the second floor reported seeing Moreno acting strangely and an officer went to check it out.

Police say Moreno had a knife and made threats before charging at the officer, ignoring repeated commands to drop his weapon.

McCarthy says the officer backpedaled five steps before opening fire, shooting Moreno twice in the chest.

Police say Moreno’s bizarre behavior –- and apparent slow reaction to being shot twice –- could mean he was under the influence of drugs.

“The behavior described is consistent with methamphetamine intoxication, but it could have been caused by a number of other reasons as well,” said Lt. Ian Schmutzler of the Vacaville Police Department.

No officers were hurt in the incident. The officer who shot the man has about 20 years of experience, the department said.


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