By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A woman caught a man creeping around area apartments, lurking around and looking into the windows of women he doesn’t know.

A single mom is feeling very unsafe in her own home.

Two incidents happened in the same South Natomas neighborhood.

The first happened at 1700 Capital Park Drive near the Natomas Raquet Club, the second on Broken Branch Court.

“This is a total shock, to see this guy outside the window was a total shock,” said the alleged victim.

She is a single mother of two young children.

“I just thought something was really wrong,” said the mother’s son.

The kids won’t forget this night, and neither will she.

Just before midnight, there was a sound outside the bedroom window.

“I was leaning with my back towards the window, and I heard keys actually,” said the woman.

She turned and saw the man staring straight at her.

“Just talking about it, I’m getting shaky because these are things you see on television, in the movies, not in your own bedroom window,” said the woman. “It was quite a surprise.”

Her scream was enough to scare him off.

“It was so surprising to see a man within inches of my face,” said the woman.

She called the cops, who say this is the second close encounter of its kind in the Natomas neighborhood within the week.

“In both of these cases, the motive was the same, hiding looking into windows. Both the victims were females and he was so close he could see through the windows in both of these cases,” said Sgt. Andrew Pettit, Sacramento Police Department.

It was a man looking inside women’s windows, and this mom is not alone.

“This is someone that had a real problem and that is just victimizing women,” said the woman.


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